I have composed a lot of music just for fun, because that is what making music should be all about in my opinion. But living in a house and maintaining a sound stage and paying rent is also part of life. So that’s why I started to compose so called stock-music. I’ve uploaded it to Pond5 in 2017, hoping the cash would pile up really quick. Helais, nothing happened, and I guess no one has even heard it.

So that’s why I decided to throw it all in the open on Youtube, so at least it can be heard. If a tree falls in a forrest, but there is no one to hear it fall, does it actually make a sound? A cliché philosophical question, but I just had to put it in here.

The track itself is quite short, as you can see. I had the feeling of a dark, dramatic series like the Bridge in mind. I used two stock-photos and added some smoke effects in After Effects to add to the mood. Well, enough reading, just have a listen. If you like it, please leave a thumbs up on Youtube and Subscribe if you want to encourage me to make more. I will make more nevertheless, because it is FUN! If you are interested in a personal composition, just drop me an email at vincent@davinzzie.com