The Voice Booth

Our compact, though comfortable voice booth is designed with acoustic optimal performance in mind. The booth is completely separated from the Control Room, by a box in a box construction. The booth has several uses, but its main purpose is being a room for vocals. But since I am a sound designer I do use the room for all kinds of SFX and Foley recordings as well. Recording solo instruments like an acoustic guitar or a cello was also one of the wishes I had for this booth and there is enough room to do that.

For voice over recordings I am happy to use the Townsend Labs Sphere 22. In over twenty years I have used dozens of amazing microphones, but this one is something else! It is capable of being a mono mic with extremely well sounding models, but it is also possible to use as a stereo mic since it has two membranes at opposite sides. Recording two singers or an acoustic instrument therefore is no problem at all. For more specialized recordings, like ADR, foley and M/S Recordings, the studio is also equipped with the amazing sounding Schoeps MK41 and MK8.

For headphone mix purposes I chose the Behringer Powerplay. The system uses an Ethernet protocol, which makes it possible to send 16 separate audio channels to the booth with just one ethernet cable. The voice talent is then able to make their own headphone mixes, by setting the levels on the Powerplay unit. It has been my dream setup for over two decades, and now that dream has finally come true.

In the booth I am able to make several setups, because almost everything in the room is easily height adjustable. Beside great acoustics I had convenience and comfort in mind before I asked Roel van Gils to design it, and I am really happy and proud that it all worked out!

Have a look, click on an image to enlarge it.